a bespoke audiovisual experience.

Always the perfect mood in each room.

Entertain friends and family easily with an integrated home system, a fusion of artistry, and innovative audio & visual technology.

Control your home with one touch or voice commands while you focus on your guests.

Multi-Room Extravaganza

Adjust the scene in every room with simple taps of your intuitive whole home app.

Multi-room audio – the perfect way to enhance the mood.

Immersive, seamless music distribution, covering every corner of your home. Select the same or individual playlists for each room.

LightingVibia, Barcelona

Multi-room video – media and décor in one.

Art, TV, and entertainment for every room of your house, blended flawlessly into your interior design with voice and one-touch control capabilities.

Home Theater

Elegant, hypnotic, cinematic entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

An immersive experience for the senses.

In-wall and freestanding speakers, ultra-real screen technology, cinematic lighting design, and the most luxurious theater seating.

A home theater experience so authentic, your reality is suspended and you are spirited away into other worlds; all within your control.


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