New 800 Diamond Series by Bowers & Wilkins 

It did not improve by chance. It improved by change.

868 changes to be precise.

Sophisticated. Easy. Inspiring.

At CasaHiFi we understand the challenge of integrating, in a simple and seamless way, all the technological solutions available today at home.

We offer our clients a comfortable and simple experience, where all the magic happens with just touching or pressing a button.


True Technology Integration

When everything works in harmony, the only limit is your imagination

One place for all your technological needs

At CasaHiFi we are motivated by an unparalleled passion for achieving the best harmony between technology and the end user.  We are constantly evolving to keep up with the technology and thus be able to offer solutions ranging from high-end audio to integrated audio, video, lighting and home automation solutions.  

Our staff has the experience and knowledge necessary to advise our clients, accompanying him from the gestation of the idea to the delivery of the solution.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Acoustics

  • Hi-Fi and Distributed Audio

  • High End Cinemas and Home Theaters

  • Home Automation

  • Temperature and Shades Control

  • Stable power regulation and power distribution units

  • Panelized or distributed Lighting and Control

  • High Performance Residential Networks

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Exceptional Quality

No compromises

Our Promise

We represent the leading brands in the market. Each product we offer represents our highest standards in quality, performance, value and service. All our products are backed by our guarantee, that of the manufacturer and our constant need to maintain a very high level of quality and service.  

From High-fidelity Audio to a fully automated Home Theatre, we work from the heart so that the client feels satisfied and pleased in all their needs. 

We make your home more amazing than ever.