family room

Welcome to our Family Room, a spacious and adaptable environment designed to mimic a typical home setting. This open space allows you to immerse yourself in the sound systems you’re interested in, experiencing how they would perform in your own living room. With adjustable zones created by sleek, modern shades, you can customize the space to suit your listening preferences. Come and discover the perfect audio setup for your home in a comfortable and familiar setting.

the lobby

Step into our Lobby, a refined and intimate space designed to reflect the ambiance of a medium-sized room or apartment. This narrower setup, complemented by carefully selected furniture and decor, allows you to experience how our sound systems will enhance your personal living area. Enjoy a focused listening session in a cozy, realistic setting, perfect for discovering the ideal audio solution for your apartment or medium-sized room.

the bar

Discover the Bar, an inviting space that mirrors a mini bar or kitchen area. Here, you can explore our all-in-one systems and wireless speakers, designed for ultimate convenience and seamless integration into your home. This versatile room is perfect for presentations and discussing personalized quotes, offering a relaxed yet informative environment to discover the best audio solutions for your bar or kitchen space.

hifi room

Explore the HiFi Room, a haven for McIntosh enthusiasts. This space features custom furniture and equipment, creating a luxurious listening environment. Acoustically treated while maintaining a natural ambiance, the room accurately replicates the acoustics of a mid-sized home. Experience the unique and unparalleled sound that comes from the pairing of McIntosh and Sonus Faber, delivering an unforgettable audio experience.

movie theater

Introducing our Movie Theater, the jewel on top of the crown. This premier room offers a full Dolby Atmos experience with the top-of-the-line Focal Utopia speaker range. Featuring a 9.9.4 system and Vicoustic acoustic treatment, this space exemplifies the pinnacle of home theater technology. Experience unparalleled audio and visual immersion, showcasing our expertise in designing custom home theaters tailored to your space, distribution, and budget. Discover the ultimate in-home entertainment excellence.

.headphones bar

With our collection of hi-fi headphones, we cater for all uses (listening at home, on the move, in the studio) for a unique listening experience.

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